What is Aetna Health Insurance?

green pencil filling health history

Aetna is an American health care company that sells health insurance plans to employers and members of the public alike. Their plans include:

  • Medical, pharmacy and dental plans
  • Life and disability plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Medicaid services
  • Behavioral health programs
  • Medical management

It was founded in 1853 as Aetna Life Insurance Company when the Annuity branch of the fire insurance company, Aetna Insurance Company, separated from its parent company. The name Aetna was fashioned after the most active volcano in Europe at the time, and a decision was made to keep the name because it carried with it a great reputation.

These days Aetna is one of the largest providers of health insurance. It has 23.1 million medical members, 14.3 million dental members, and 15.3 million pharmacy benefit management services members. Across the U.S. the company enjoys a robust network of 1.2 million health care professionals, more than 695,971 primary care doctors and specialists, and 5, 712 hospitals.

The company prides itself on being a resource that’s dedicated to providing people with tools necessary to make informed decisions about their health and financial security. Last year alone the company brought in approximately $60.3 billion in revenues.